Thursday, February 20, 2014

Did you see this?

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Holy awesomeness Rogue Spacers...Giles has created not one, but two posts worth of alien beings and assorted baddies to populate Rogue Space with.  Sincerely this is the kind of awesome you print out as a Referee and keep as a constant reference for making adventures with, populating space ports, or creating bounty hunter adventures with...especially if you have down loaded Mik's Mass Effect Rogue Space conversion (MERS).  Trust me you NEED what Giles has created!

Damn great work Giles, and thanks for bringing new life into the Dark Frontier!

Go get yourself some of the awesome Giles laid out!


  1. Bonus points for using the amazing Alien Legion art work. :)

    1. Gotta love the Legion Eli! Now that would be a cool RS conversion!! Hmmm....

  2. Thanks for the plug! While I'm sure I made some goofs, writing aliens for RS is pretty easy. Really, the hardest part was realizing how simple it really is thanks to dealing with sci-fi games that are much higher on the crunch scale. It's pretty refreshing actually.

  3. Great stuff Giles!! I think there are LOTS of great crunchy rule sets out there, I also think a lean and mean system has a place and maybe RS fits that bill. I kind of liken game design to playing with Legos.

    You can build a cool spaceship with some simple bricks and have a lot of fun playing with it! Or you can go nuts buying lots of specialty bricks to fit just so and make a very exact model spaceship you want, in this case the building is the fun. So for games, playing the game is the fun and for others creation/ playing the system and building something "just so" is fun.

    RS is the square lump of bricks with some shoddy wings and a mismatched lego man in a space suit piloting it kind of game. Damn if it don't look odd, but it sure is a hell of a lot of fun to play with! Game on brother!