Saturday, April 20, 2013

And so...

Long time since the last transmission!  Rest assured Rogue Space is not dead!  I have all my wife's great art work to use so it will come out.  Currently I am hard at work on bits and pieces for my fantasy game Heroes & Other Worlds. Once the next two projects are out the door for that, then Rogue Space gets revamped and relaunched with the Dark Frontier edition!

I also intend to make an Other Worlds edition using the system from my fantasy game Heroes & Other Worlds mashed up with Rogue Space!

So rest assured, while Rogue Space is vast its far from empty or unihabitated.

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  1. Hi there,

    Is there an alternate link to a place where I can get the Rogue Space PDF? I'm really interested in some rules lite space opera action. :)

  2. I figured you didn't give up RS for good. A lot of us can easily get burned out on a project, and we just need to let it rest, and move onto another for a bit. I figure pretty soon you will burn out on HOW, and either move onto something different, or finish your new RS book.

  3. Looking forward to the Dark Frontier edition.